If you own a small business, social media is one of the most powerful tools you have in your arsenal. Leveraging the most popular platforms – Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. – allows you to reach more people and grow your following faster than ever. And every savvy business owner knows that a bigger following will inevitably lead to more revenue.

The Problem

There’s just one little thing that throws a wrench in it for small businesses. Time. In my experience, the average small business owner wears a ton of different hats throughout the day. They might be the salesperson, the marketer, the accountant, the customer service rep and the person doing the actual work all in one. At best, they may have a small team of people who help them. Either way, everyone has multiple responsibilities. An almost infinite amount of work needs to get done, but there’s only a finite number of hours in the day.

All of this inevitably means that social media goes by the wayside for most small businesses. They might post an update once a quarter or maybe, just maybe, once a month. I suppose that’s better than nothing, but there’s one key thing you have to remember. Consistency is king.

If you really want to reap the benefits of social media for your business, you have to post daily on every platform (or at the very least the Big Three). But who has time for that?


The Solution

Enter Buffer, an automation app for social media. It’s not the only game in town, but I like it because it’s fast and easy to use. It has a free plan that will let you cover posting to the Big Three social networks (Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn), and their Pro plan is very reasonably priced. Most small business owners will be just fine getting started with the free plan.

So what does it do?

Basically, it gives you a buffer or queue of social media posts across your different accounts. You can preload your posts and schedule them to go out on a daily basis. So instead of having to put a reminder on your calendar every single day to go post something, you can take a few minutes at the beginning or end of your week and get everything queued up and scheduled to go out. If you believe the hype, this type of time blocking is a massive productivity booster.


We all have a finite number of hours in the day. If you’re a small business owner, it probably feels like you have an infinite amount of work to do. Save time, be more productive and grow your following by using Buffer. Did I mention it’s free?

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