How can you market your commercial cleaning business? Much depends on who you’re trying to reach, your budget and your location. Yet, you’ll likely get more customers if you use these suggestions as your foundation.

Target Your Customers First

You need to decide who you’re trying to reach. This should happen before investing your time and money in a marketing campaign. Contracts for office cleaning are lucrative due to volume and frequency. Warehouses can also bring in good income. Medical facilities or dentist offices may be a good target for you as well.

Ask for Referrals

Word-of-mouth referrals always beat other forms of marketing. How can you make sure your customers are telling other people about you? Try running a referral marketing campaign.

Referral marketing gets current customers to send you new customers. You might offer one free cleaning for a current customer when they send you another business. You could ask customers to leave reviews for you on Google.

What if someone isn’t your customer? You can still ask them to send you referrals in exchange for a gift card or other perk.

Get Your Business on Social Media

Social media marketing can be the next most effective option for you after referrals. For commercial cleaning businesses, your best bet is Instagram. This allows you to post before and after photos of your work.

Give Print Marketing a Try

Distribute your flyers and business cards to local companies. Post them on community bulletin boards if you can. Look into sending direct mail to businesses in your target area. Include a special offer or coupon to boost response rates.

Make Sure Your Website is Search Engine Optimized

Keep your website current, clean and fast. You may need to hire a web designer to help you with this. Make sure you’re investing in SEO. You’ll usually want to hire this out as well. It’s worth it because it’s a fantastic source of free leads to your website. Most of your competitors won’t be doing this, so it will set you apart.

A Commercial Cleaning Marketing Recap

Take your marketing to the next level by:

  1. Targeting your customers
  2. Asking for referrals
  3. Creating your Instagram profile
  4. Distributing flyers, business cards and direct mail offers
  5. Making sure your website is search engine optimized

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