This guide will help you market your house cleaning business. You’ll learn how to generate more leads and get new clients.

Make Sure Your Website Focuses on Conversions

Your website is your primary means of getting new leads for your house cleaning business. Think of it as your business card, brochure and sales team all in the same place. It should be a guide that helps potential customers understand your value. You want to give them a valid reason to choose you over your competition.

It’s vital that your website provides a clear call to action. You want visitors to know exactly how they can contact you. Make sure your location and service area is obvious.

For your design, stay with something simple, clean and modern. You want your website to look good, but you also want it to be easy to read. If necessary, you may want to hire a designer for some help with this.

A solid, conversion-focused website should set you apart from your local competition.

Try Offering an Incentive for New Customers

Your website should exist to get new leads to contact you. You can offer them an enticing incentive to encourage them to get in touch. A special deal or discount for new customers can give you a crucial edge over your competitors.

Start Search Engine Marketing

It’s critical that your business shows up on page one of search results for house cleaning in your area.

First, consider using pay-per-click advertising. You’ll bid on keywords to show up at the top of Google or Bing when potential customers look for your services.

Second, set up your Google My Business and Bing Places for Business listings. These are free listings that tap into local search results as well as Google Maps and Bing Maps. Optimize your description with keywords describing the cleaning services you offer. The listings also let you collect reviews which further boost your search ranking.

Third, focus on search engine optimization. Post to your company blog on a regular basis. Make sure your website gets optimized for your target keywords. Try to get other websites to link back to yours. All these efforts will help your website rank higher in search results. Again, you may want to hire this service out to a reputable SEO company.

Doing all three of these can get your business three spots on page one of search results.

Retarget Potential Customers

Many times leads won’t convert to customers the first time they visit your website. By using ads that retarget them, you can get more chances to capture their business. While they do more research on a service, your ads will stay in front of them in various places online.

Keep a Good Reputation

Reviews play a big part in how people decide on services like house cleaning. They want to find the best rated and most trusted service providers. You need to be proactive in getting reviews from your customers.

After a completed service, ask the homeowner to leave you a review. Follow up by email to request feedback and link to your review profile on Google, Yelp or a similar site.

Market on Facebook

Create a Facebook Page for your house cleaning business. Be sure to include all your contact info, descriptions of your services and images. Take some time each week to add some posts about your services and relevant tips.

Make sure to activate Facebook Messenger on your page. Create automatic responses for common questions. Try your best to reply to messages within an hour during your business hours.

Enable the reviews section on your page. Again, ask your customers to leave you a review after each service.

Dial in Your Unique Selling Proposition

What sets you apart from your competition? Why should someone choose you over them? For your marketing efforts to be successful, you need to figure out the answer to those questions. This is your Unique Selling Proposition. Every blog post, Facebook update and Google ad needs to show this USP to your customers.

It should:

  1. Show what’s unique or special about your service
  2. Tell how you solve a specific problem for your customers

Some house cleaning services use only green cleaning solutions. Others offer premium services designed for affluent homeowners.

No matter what, give your leads a clear and concise reason to choose you.

Use Video to Promote Your Business

People use the internet on their phones more than their computers these days. Videos are easy to watch on a phone. You can use them to communicate your unique selling proposition within a minute or so.

Few of your competitors are using video in their marketing. This makes it an easy way to differentiate yourself from them.

Invest in Customer Relationship Management Software

House cleaning services get many benefits from CRM software. It allows you to track every service call, phone call, text message and email with your customers. This ensures your entire staff has access to a full customer history. You’ll be able to offer a higher level of personalized service.

Most CRMs integrate with email marketing software too. This enables you to create mailing lists. You can send service reminders to current customers and periodic promotions to leads.

A House Cleaning Marketing Recap

Take your marketing to the next level by:

  1. Making sure your websites focuses on conversions
  2. Offering incentives for new customers
  3. Investing in search engine marketing
  4. Retargeting potential customers
  5. Keeping a good reputation
  6. Marketing on Facebook
  7. Dialing in your Unique Selling Proposition
  8. Using video to promote your business
  9. Getting a CRM

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